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We released a new version (3.52) of mobileNtrip.
Now, it it possible to set NMEA send frequency within a range: 1 s. to 3600 s. This option should be valuable for those, who want to maintain a connection to the NTRIP Caster with minimal GPRS traffic.
See updated User Manual
The new version is available for download at our WAP site:
For those users who bought a full version, the upgrade is free of costs. During the installation just overwrite the old version and save existing data to avoid registration process.

Good news for SOKKIA GPS users!

Here is some feedback from Sokkia B.V. European Headquarters Sales Department:
We have tested the mobileNtrip 3.0 application on a Nokia 6230i in combination with a Sokkia GSR2700 ISX receiver. This receiver has a dual-Bluetooth connection: one to the controller and one to the mobile phone.
The test was very successful; mobileNtrip worked very well together with our Sokkia receivers. Results were quick and accurate.

Carlson Software has prepared an instruction based on our User Manual describing how to configure Sokkia GSR2700 ISX unit to work with mobileNtrip, which is available in their Knowledge Base.

Our support mail address has been changed to:
Please use above address for sending your questions, orders, etc.

The upgrade to a new version of mobileNtrip application is free for everyone who purchased mobileNtrip license. If your application (midlet) name is called "mobileNtrip", you can just overwrite it by downloading a new version and saving existing data during installation.
If your midlet has a different name i.e. "mobileNtripS40E" or "mobileNtrip3EN" you must send us the IMEI number to make the registration process for your phone once again.

We released a new version (3.50) of mobileNtrip for Motorola CE-BUS phones which uses a COM cable connection to GPS receiver.
You can download the Full or Demo version from our WAP site:
User Manual is on the way to release.

NEW VERSION (3.50) of mobileNtrip application is available!
Now, instead of getting standard Ntrip corrections, you can maintain a non-Ntrip stream of any data from your Host!
You can download the Full or Demo version for Nokia Series 40, Series 60, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones from our standard WAP site:
User manual for Bluetooth version is available here.
Motorola cable version will be available soon.

Now, mobileNtrip v.3.0 for COM cable connection has a new price!
More here.

We present a new (3.0) mobileNtrip version for COM cable connection!
It has a VRS function enabled and bidirectional data transmission between phone and GPS receiver!
More info you will find here.

Now, all applications you can order directly from us.
We accept credit card payment or wire transfer to bank account.
Ordering info with our price list is available here.

You can order a COM cable for CE-BUS socket type Motorola phones directly from us now!
Look here.

Details about COM cables types and ordering you can view here.
Demo version for Sony Ericsson phones is now available. Go to How to get page.

Fully functional demo versions of mobileNtrip applications are now available!
Look here for details.


If you purchase any of mobileNtrip and mobileNtripPro Clients software, you will get 25% special discount!
This offer is valid till 31.03.2006.
Please contact our Distributors (or directly:

The BKG (German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy) will host a two-day symposium about "Streaming GNSS data via Internet"
on 06-07 February 2006 in Frankfurt am Main / Germany.
The symposium's aims are to share knowledge, experiences and innovative ideas concerning "Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP)".

This symposium provides information on technologies and innovations in the field of real-time GNSS positioning and navigation. Invited speakers from industry, public services and science present the current status and delineate developments of standardization, implementation and application aspects pertaining to streaming GNSS data via Internet.

More information is available at BKG Ntrip site.

New version (3.0) of mobileNtrip for Bluetooth connection released! See details here.

mobileNtrip Homepage started!

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